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 Castaway Cabin Bungalows

The Castaway Cabin Bungalows are Build a Bungalow's new line of affordable cabin style Bungalows.

The smallest one is 800 sq. ft. and has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open floor plan, fireplace and wrap around deck. A slightly larger version with over 900 sq. ft. provides a similar floor plan but adds a garage for storage, a car, boat, golf clubs or however you wish to use it. Prices start under $100,000. Match them with one of our equally inexpensive lots that have water, sewer and electric and you have an economical way to enjoy a new vacation getaway for yourself, family and friends. We will be adding other Castaway Cabin Bungalows including designs with basements, so check back to see what's new.