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"Little Journeys" Bungalows

Elbert Hubbard (author of Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great) Inspired

Elbert Hubbard founded Roycoft, an Arts & Crafts Movement community in East Aurora, New York in 1892. 2015 marked the 100th anniversary of the death of Elbert and Alice Hubbard on the RMS Lusitania when it was torpedoed and sunk by a German U-boat. The Roycraft Campus is still operational today and you can take classes with artisans in metalworking, jewelry, painting, book binding and printing. Many of the original pieces made by the Roycrofters are highly sought after today and "Roycroft" and "Hubbard" names can be found on many collectable pieces including at an antique shop on the Roycroft Campus in East Aurora. Check out the Roycroft Campus and Roycroft Inn.

Elbert Hubbard began writing and printing his "Little Journeys" Journals in 1894. The series was published monthly for fourteen years and the bound volumes can still be purchased. There are a total of 180 "Little Journeys" to the homes of men and women who were famous in their time. Elbert Hubbard traveled in his career as a salesman and brought to life the famous people of his time through his "Little Journeys" journals. Inspired by his "little journeys", Build a Bungalow decided to call the Tumbleweed Little Houses, our "Little Journeys" Bungalows, so you can set out across America on your own "little journeys" to see the Country in your Bungalow on wheels. Build a Bungalow has affliliate status with Tumbleweed.

Here are Two of our Favorite "Little Journeys"
Bungalows from Tumbleweed Available for Purchase Completed or Build Your Own

The Linden (20 ft..)--$60,000 for completed Bungalow (subject to change)

(Financing Available at 6% for 15 years $456 per month (subject to change)

20 Ft. Length Floor Plan, Specs and Pricing

Do It Yourself $29,000+ (reserve your space at a workshop and build your own "Little Journeys Bungalow."


Come to Treasure Lake's Cayman Landing where you can enjoy your new "Little Journeys" Bungalow temporarily or permanently (contact me at or call or text me at 814-933-9331 to learn more about your "Little Journeys" experience at Treasure Lake

 The Linden kitchen and countertop

The Linden front entrance  


The Elm 18ft., 20 ft., 24 ft. options from $57,000 to $66,000 for completed Bungalow (subject to change)

Financing Available at 6% for 15 years ($433 to $502 per month) for Completed Bungalow (subject to change)


  Picture of the Great Room from the loft in The Elm

   Kitchen in The Elm  

Loft Bedroom in The Elm


Front inside entrance of The Elm                                                                                            Add Dormers to the roof for more space in the loft


Contact me to receive your free Tumbleweed Catalog or Tumbleweed's Amish Barn Raiser Buyers Guide to help you buy or build your "Little Journeys" Bungalow. Email me at or call or text me at 814-933-9331. To learn more about Tumbleweed Little Houses click here to go to our links page to learn more. You can also purchase your trailer for your "Little Journeys Bungalows" through Tumbleweed. 

You can take your "Little Journeys" Bungalows anywhere you can an RV

Tumbleweed can also deliver your Bungalow RV to your door anywhere in the USA

Financing is available through Tumbleweed and other lenders--be sure to check out Tumbleweed's website for more information

Build a Bungalow has affiliate status with Tumbleweed Tiny House Company